Congratulations on taking the first step toward becoming a Sexy and Unmissable version of yourself!

By the time you complete this transformational Video Mini-Series you will:

  • Discover the potent blend of attractiveness and presence that commands attention
  • How to radiate your inner and outer beauty with every step you take
  • Exhibit welcoming body language and an appealing attitude that magnetically draws people towards you
  • How to exude an innate sensual confidence that will instantly boost your body-image and prompt self-love
Jen Gilchrist
We’re excited that you’ve chosen to Start the Free Sexy In Seconds Mini-Series, and finally get noticed! We can’t wait to lead you through a journey that will awaken the forever-young feminine flame burning within to amplify your sensual appeal and boost your core confidence!

Get ready to be infused with confidence and discover new opportunities that have never been available to you before!

For now, you can relax and wait for a confirmation email when the series nears commencement.

See you soon!



Step 1 – Join Masterclass Facebook Group

Date: On Demand Event Starts Tomorrow
Time: Join me each day at 6 am (your local time) for this exciting masterclass series

Every morning at 6:00 am (local time) you will receive a new video class and you will have several days to watch the recording.
The easiest way to access the Masterclass videos and get your questions answered is through our Facebook Group. Join now to connect with other participants and ask questions.

Step 2 – Add [email protected] to your Email Contacts

I’ll be sharing the Masterclass and relevant information by email. To avoid missing out it’s best to add my email to your contact list.

Check your inbox (and spam folder) for a confirmation email with the access details. Look for [email protected] and then add me to your email’s Contact List.

For Gmail users you can also click on the star next to my email and then drag it to your primary folder.

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