The Sensuality Secrets Video Collection!!

Secrets Behind Why Men Are Attracted To Women

You will learn all the alluring secrets…

that make you more approachable. You’ll see how to create angles and curves with your body that will enhance your feminine energy. The secret behind why men of all ages are attracted to women is knowing effective flirting techniques. Men make judgments about you from the way you stand, walk, use eye contact and more. If you want to attract a man, you’ll need to be aware of how to attract in a classy and noticeable manner.

From Patty Contenta
Ballroom Dance Champion, Author, Body Confidence and Charisma Coach

Hi Beautiful,

My audiences and fans were providing such strong feedback, with stories and repeated requests for me to develop the Video series. 5 years in the making, ready for you to learn and engage these valuable principles into a great relationship.

Patty Contenta

The Sensuality Secrets Video Collection!!

Are you in charge of the messages you’re putting out there? Do you realize what your non-verbal messages are saying to others?

Your confidence is mirrored by the way you move, and Girlfriend, it makes no difference what size you are or what color your lip gloss is, or whether you are 20, 30, or in midlife, it matters how you feel, and the best way to show that off to the world is in the way you move that beautiful body!

I put together a stunning collection of 4 Videos, loaded with my very best, tried and true secrets for attracting, charming and seducing whomever your heart desires and here are just some of the secrets you’ll discover inside my new Video collection…

Video #1: Warming Up

This Video is designed to help get you out of your head and into your body. Let me guide you through a series of sensual warm ups so you’ll feel your feminine energy pulsing within you! It’s always been there, just waiting to burst forth and now you’re going to get the chance to let it LOOSE!

Even if you do NOT have a “Special Someone” in your life, the best reason
for doing these is YOU!

Think about these 3 important facts:

  1. Most people form their opinion of you within the first 90 seconds.
  2. Communication is 60% non-verbal and 40% verbal.
  3. Of the verbal portion, only 10% is attributed to words themselves, the other 30% derives from how the words are spoken and tone of voice.

Imagine the implications of THIS, when you start understanding the impact your subtle movements have on others. Just by the way you curve your hips and cross your legs can go from frumpy sailor/scout to sensual diva and you never have to say a WORD to reel him in!

It’s ALL in the way you moooove, my dear!

And it doesn’t matter if you’re seducing a guy at a party, going in for a new job interview, or standing on a stage giving a presentation. These are the tools that help you feel more confident and radiant than ever!

Get out of those frumpy, baggy jeans and sweatshirts, show off some curves and watch my first Video to show you exactly how to:

  • Master breathing exercises that teach you to literally exhale through your pelvis!!
  • Learn the subtle moves that make the biggest difference in how he perceives you, by isolating specific motions and body parts.
  • Warm up and prepare to awaken the body with specific exercises designed to properly align the body and improve your posture.
  • Squeeze in all the right places so you can tuck and tilt and literally get yourself to feel those gorgeous curves of yours, then SHOW THEM OFF!

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What people are saying about

the Sensuality Secrets Video Collection and how it transformed their lives!

“Dear Miss Patty,

The information in this video collection is great! I used to think that that kind of behaviour was unacceptable for ‘good girls’, but it seems that good girls don’t get to keep their man! How naive of me…
Time to enter the arena and start ‘playing the game’, with a better understanding of my personal power as a woman.
I also have a more defined idea of what it is that I want in a relationship, and am determined to accept nothing less than that in the future.

Your work, therefore, is of the utmost importance. Teaching women to tap into that energy, and to use it with finesse and discretion (sensuously, not sexually), can impact on us at a much deeper level, enabling us to achieve fulfilment in other areas of our lives as well.

Thank you for your ‘permission’ to express myself with confidence to my fullest potential, and feel good about it.

Kind regards,”


“Dear Miss Patty,

I’ve been studying seduction material for about 5 years and after a while I wanted to delve into really *understanding* feminine sensuality. Your findings have especially been a great resource for me.. I see now that the beliefs and strategies you teach come naturally to a woman who taps into her femininity and has greatly raised my standards for women I would like to court. I refer you to all my girlfriends and I am so glad that you still have Facebook and are open to meeting new and interesting people, despite how grueling networking can be at times.”


~ A man's perspective

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Video #2: Cultivate Your Curves

You’ve got to give up that farmer stance while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store, Girl! It is not going to get you phone numbers or make heads turn.

Every MOMENT is a moment for you to be on stage – a radiant, positive example of confidence and sensuality.

This isn’t just about reeling in the white knight, (though I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t try) it’s about looking and feeling confident and AMAZING.

And that, my dear, is what I’m here to help you do with these Videos.

Take space in the comfort of your own living room to practice these tips and tricks. Even when I have done private consultations, people are still shy, at first, to try things out! It’s normal for you to feel (and even look) awkward in the beginning. But by the 3rd time you attract the back of a chair, you’ll be ready for the real thing, I GUARANTEE IT!

Don’t let that initial awkward stage get in your way! These tools work and they are SIMPLE! Just attract the back of your chair as you watch the video and fake it, fake it, fake it, until you GET IT!

You didn’t learn how to walk overnight. It’s only natural that you stumble about a bit and feel awkward until these movements and tips become second nature to you!

The curves and angles you create with your body are an irresistible invitation to the man whose attention you’re trying to get.


  • Show it off!
  • Tuck it in!
  • Suck it up and squeeze in all the right places!

Be the sensual woman you were intended to be!

Here’s what you’ll master when you practice the sensuality Secrets Video #2:

  • Learn how to create a subtle invitation for a man to make the first move.
  • Discover the way you hold yourself that will disarm a man from his fear of rejection.
  • With this trick alone, you’ll send a clear invitation that you want him to move closer.
  • Soak up the self-indulgent art of touching yourself in a seemingly casual way that will drive him wild and show everyone around you that YOU are a sensual woman!
  • Master a sensual, confident walk and learn to capture an audience wherever you go, just by the way you move!
  • What does it take to walk like a sensual woman? (This one move alone makes all the difference.)
  • Get rid of your nervous movements and jitters with a few tricks to help you be fully present in your own body—calm, cool, collected.
  • Become aware of your movement, even when you’re pressed for time, and learn how to keep composure and maintain that confident control.
  • With ease and grace you’ll learn to walk like a sultry woman until it becomes second nature for you, and you don’t even have to think about it, anymore, you just ARE!

Dirty sneakers can be fun, but if you want to make an impression, you’re not going to do it with slouched shoulders dragging your feet along the ground!

Confident people know how to take their time when they move!

(You will, too, once you’ve practiced the tips in my second Video! Sensual women aren’t forceful, nervous or jumpy. They don’t look rigid, move awkwardly or feel nervous. They ooze charm and are able to radiant their inner beauty.)

And if you thought that was a lot, look what else I’ve packed into the second video in this collection:

How to move sensually in your SEAT.

  • Find out how the simple ways you move can turn him off or heat him up! Whether your realize it or not (and most often, likely it’s NOT) you are sending out a message, even while you’re sitting.
  • Start becoming conscious of the way you move. Body awareness is an exciting and empowering thing!
  • What about how you sit? Do you realize that just a slight movement of the hips makes all the difference.
  • Learn how to show you’re excited.

Video #3: Flirting

It’s time to build sexual tension, my dear, and for this, you must flirt!

The art of flirting is ESSENTIAL to being a sensual woman!

**News flash, Ladies!!**

Men are visual creatures, things need to be obvious especially since they are usually the ones making the first move. You can help ease his fear of rejection by being flirtatious… invite him into your space by the way you move and your eye contact. Here are just some of the things I’ll cover in this next Video.

  • Teach him how to approach you without saying a word. Your job is to be open and to say…”Come on in!” Now you’ll learn how.
  • Figure out the tricks of tenderness that tease, without having too much serious intent.
  • Find out how to use your jewellery to up the intensity for him.
  • Learn the neck moves that say, “sweet, soft, approachable”
  • Show him your sensual sensitivities with these few tips about how to eat and enjoy your food!
  • Discover how your shoulder shawl or sweater is the perfect device to drive him WILD!
  • Master the moves of a shoulder press, a butt curve, and an arch of the back that will make you clearly irresistible.
  • Do YOU know which finger to use when brushing your skin in front of him?

I could go on my dear, but let me just say that in this Video you’ll master how to look at him, talk with him and move your body to maximize the sensuality and create an irresistible invitation for him to move in.

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Video #4: Flirting Continued

Okay, so here’s the situation, perhaps you can relate:

You’re at a friendly party feeling good and looking fine. You spot a gorgeous guy
across the room, who smiles when his eyes catch yours. You blush and turn away,
feeling the wave of nervous energy inside you,
wondering if he’ll look again.

But then a woman walks into the room. She’s no Cindy Crawford, but she’s got “something” about her. She isn’t wearing any fancy clothes or expensive jewelry, but it’s the way she walks and moves that is completely magnetic.

It’s as if all the eyes in the room turn to look at her! Her curves and her confidence are absolutely mesmerizing! And then it happens.

That handsome man you spotted moments ago gets up, walks across the room and introduces himself to her.

You sigh and think to yourself, “Whatever she’s got, I want it!”

When you order my Sensuality Secrets Video Collection TODAY,
you’ll also get this FREE BONUS Video loaded with
valuable tips to enhance your sensual toolkit!

We have all seen that woman that walks into the room and all eyes are upon her. She is not the most beautiful woman but there is something about her. Is it her hair, her outfit, the way she walks and smiles? Maybe it’s a combination of all those things.

And most women have felt that as some point in their lives. Let’s make it happen more regularly because opportunities lie everywhere. I have met them in cars while driving, in grocery stores while shopping and the man I am with right now I met on a plane. I literally danced sensually in my seat.

Learn the exact series of movements and tricks you’ll need to have an instensely magnetic first date:

You’ll learn:

  • The right way to touch the menu.
  • How to ask for the bread basket in a way that drives him WILD!
  • The wine glass trick that will likely make him squirm.
  • The little trick to do with your napkin that says, “Mmmm…” in just the right way.
  • How to make “first contact” that makes the game a bit more interesting.
  • The trick with eye contact that makes all the difference in connecting with him.

There is Soooo much more to learn, my dear. Just think of all those good vibrations you’ve been missing out on because you haven’t known my sensuality secrets! This will make all the difference in letting loose the goddess within!

You’ve been feeling frumpy long enough, Girlfriend. Bust out those curves, learn the moves and watch the sparks fly and heads turn. You ARE a sensual, powerful woman! Now show the world!

“Cultivate your curves, they may be dangerous
but they won’t be avoided.”

-Mae West

The sensual woman moves gracefully and unhurriedly. Her gestures must have a certain ambiguity, suggesting something both innocent and erotic. Anything that cannot be immediately understood is supremely seductive.

You want to use your dance skills to lure the men in watching you. This gives him a glimpse into your sensuality.

Rules: No matter how fast the music is, a sensual woman can dance behind the beat. She will visually slow down the music.

Learn the secrets of the Cuban moves and what NOT to do if you want to lure in your man.

Learn the technique to being just a bit behind the beat of the music and why this is VITAL to enhancing your Sensual Appeal!

Video #5: Free Bonus Video

Special Guest Speaker #1

Amir G. Sabongui, author of The Art of Social Networking.

As a clinical psychologist, Amir’s passion for human behavior led him to study the key to creating real intimacy….sensuality.

  • Learn the most effective ways for leaving a powerful first impression.
  • Understand the one thing that men do which ends up in the infamous, “Let’s just be friends” statement.
  • Figure out what our greatest fear is, and how to overcome it!
  • Find out what the top things that men are attracted to in women? (Hint: It’s not what you think!)
  • How long does it take for a guy to make his first impression and how to IMPRINT the effect you want!
  • What do people REALLY think of you?



Special Guest Speaker #2

Lisa LaJoie on Conversations With Your Vagina.

Do you really feel your vagina? Are you aware of the sensations and sensitivities of your intimate area? Are you in communication with the energy in that area?

  • Understand your responses to this powerful, intimate zone of your body!
  • Learn specific exercises for helping you increase your awareness.
  • Be able to recognize the responses of your vagina in your intimate encounters. Are you comfortable?



Special Guest Speaker #3

Vered Haiun on “A Quickie” The Art of Seduction Through Strip Tease.

  • Learn the difference between touching yourself and touching yourself sensually.
  • Discover and master the one move that if you stop it, you’re DONE! You turn your sensuality OFF!
  • Find out the part of the body that you need most to respond to.
  • If you do this one thing wrong you’ll goof up the entire strip tease.
  • Learn which parts to show off and which to leave mysteriously hidden.

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*Additional Bonuses*

*Bonus #1*

Two Exclusive Transcribed Teleseminars


What The Men Have To Say About It! A teleseminar series with 2 incredible men on the subject of sex, sensuality and more. Read up on these 2 wild guys, then join me for a cozy teleseminar with each of them where we steam up the phone lines and get the very best advice these boys have to offer!



**Teleseminar #1**

Building Intimacy with Amir Sabongui

Dr. Amir G. Sabongui is a practicing clinical psychologist and winner of numerous awards and distinctions including the prestigious award of excellence from the Canadian Psychological Association for his research on resilience and helping people bounce back from adversity.

He is a highly sought out speaker delivering seminars to fortune 500 companies around the world.

He is the driving force behind the personal growth resource center focusing on teaching people the life skills they need to build a life of passion and fulfillment.

His most recent endeavor is a seminar on building intimacy where he teaches women and men to unleash and embrace the unique Warrior/Goddess in you, awaken your inner sensuality, connect with the one that tickles your soul and inspires you, share your higher self and embrace each other as you share yourselves physically and emotionally.

He can be reached through his website:



**Teleseminar #2**

Taking a Stand for Intimacy with Sean Stephenson

Expected to die at birth, Sean Stephenson has faced an army of reasons to give up and countless opportunities to embrace pity. He suffered more than 200 bone fractures by age 18, reached a height of only 3 feet, and is permanently confined to a wheelchair. However, this man took a STAND for a quality of life that has inspired millions of people around the world, including Tony Robbins and President Clinton.

He is the author of several books and his most recent accomplishment is a magazine that gives men the confidence to approach, date and experience physical intimacy with women.

His commitment to be the best man that he can be has inspired him to understand the relationship between men and women. Join Patty and Sean in an inspiring interview that will leave you with a totally new perspective on life, love and relationships.

He can be reached at:



Bonus #2: Patty Contenta’s Sensuality Secrets eBook

Patty Contenta's Sensuality Secrets eBookImagine really believing and feeling you are beautiful, graceful and sexy. How would you carry yourself? How would men react to you?

In your mind’s eye see that special someone being intrigued by you, fascinated by your confident demeanor. What might you do that you wouldn’t dare do now?

How does it feel to be a sensual woman?




Bonus #3: E-book ~ Seduced by Strawberries:
Learn the Art of Gourmet Seduction!
(Value: $15)


Tera Warner is the creator of and has produced dozens of programs and ebooks helping women achieve better health, confidence and energy by changing their diet. Because let’s face it, how sensual can you feel when you can’t do up your jeans or you’re bloated from indigestion?? In this free ebook, you’ll get the chance to try out some super sexy recipes that are good for you body *and* your steamy romantic life. This book is loaded with finger-licking recipes and aphrodisiac articles to stimulate your senses and tantalize your tastebuds.

How do you know if this video set is for you?

Are you SINGLE and looking for love?

If so, this kit will help you captivate a man’s attention without being obvious. In fact, he’ll have no idea why he can’t take his eyes off of you!

Already settled in a good LOVE relationship?

If you’re already in a GOOD LOVE RELATIONSHIP, this kit will make you even more irresistible. Now he’ll really be sure he’s with the woman of his dreams!

If you need RELATIONSHIP ADVICE, this kit will help you recapture the romance with proven flirting and seduction techniques.

Do you slouch and lack confidence in how you move?
These Videos will teach you how to use your body to attract attention in a positive way, but they will also enable you to feel and discover your own sensuality. After you practice on your own, you’ll get more in tuned to your own perceptions and sensitivities and this will give you a gorgeous posture with grace, poise and feminine charms.
Do you want to feel more attractive, more feminine, more graceful?
This is it! This is the key to settling into that gorgeous body of yours and feeling the powerful effects of being a sensual woman! This isn’t just about him, it’s about you feeling more confident and sensual than ever before!

Whatever your situation is right now, my sensuality secrets are guaranteed to turn up the heat, spice it up and remind you that you are a powerful, sensual and glorious woman!

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But don’t take my word for it, Girlfriend.
Play the Video and start unleashing the powerful woman you were meant to be!

Feel more confident and sensual than ever, or your money back!

I GUARANTEE that after you practice my Sensuality Secrets only 3 times in the comfort of your own home, you’ll have mastered the moves and be ready to practice the art of seduction on the man of your dreams!

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