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I do believe being a sensual woman is something you need to feel from the inside out, however I strongly believe it must be discovered from the outside in. Sensuality for me is a way of caring for all of you, the way you look, how you act and handle yourself, a way embracing your needs.

I’ve put together a stunning collection of 5 videos loaded with my best secrets for attracting, charming and seducing whomever your heart desires!

What you’ll learn from this video collection:

Video #1: The Beginning: Patty shares her story on how she regained her sensuality and ends with a body warm up so you can get out of your head and into your body.
Video #2: Cultivate Your Curves: Learn to create curves and angles with your body to enhance your silhouette.
Video #3: Flirting Part 1: How to behave tenderly without serious intent to show casual liking. You’ll discover how your neck, back, shoulders, hands, eyes, and voice can be alluring.
Video #4: Flirting Part 2: How to make being at a dinner table a sensual stimulus. And how to walk into any room and make an impact.
Video #5: Guest Speakers: More perspectives on how sensuality can become a lifestyle.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, seize the opportunities to be playful because this freedom and fluidity of body and spirit is what makes you attractive.

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