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Live guided somatic sessions to embody your sensuality in sisterhood

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Sensual Therapeutic Movement

What is Sensual Therapeutic Movement?

Jen Gilchrist

Movement is a natural medium; it is a material we can use to awaken the divine feminine within and allow it to flow.

It is also a changing, healing action. When we move as our feminine bodies were innately designed, there is room for freedom, confidence, and contentment. Old traumas, weight, and rigidity begin to fall away as an awareness of our sensual nature rise to the surface.

This is body love practice. 

This is a Sensual Therapeutic Movement. 

A guided practice, LIVE with Patty!

Breakdown of every session:


Part 1: Mindful body awareness practice to release stuck energy.

Part 2: Awaken the divine feminine energy through therapeutic movement.

Part 3: Body language embodiment.

Part 4: Close with self-love practice.

Work For Everyone

Part 1: Mindful body awareness practice to release stuck energy.

When you move, any sensation, emotion, and thought can be released. The body has a built-in removal function that gets activated with non-structured movement. The moving what you are feeling practices sensitizes you to your feelings and sensations. You are training yourself to become aware of what is actually happening inside.

Part 2: Awaken the divine feminine energy through therapeutic movement.

Using movement to awaken the divine feminine within you that makes you feel beautiful, sensual, and magnetic. This focuses on the physical aspect of activating your essence to be charismatic.

Moving in this manner is a way of coming back home to your innate beauty. A woman connected to her sensuality feels alive…and THAT is ATTRACTIVE!

Part 3: Body language embodiment.

Incorporating body language within the movement to shift your vibe creates a renewed sensual energy that gets you noticed!

Part 4: Close with self-love practice

Close with self-love meditation practice, ending in gratitude for the attention given to your body.

Students can ask questions at the end of the class. Patty will reserve 10 minutes for this (she will end the session if there are no questions).

  • Patty actually coaches the participants, gives them cues, etc.
  • The important aspect here is the GUIDANCE they receive from Patty

Everyone gets a recording if they can’t attend live or want to watch it later

This is another way of reaching the goals from the Body-Image Breakthrough program

Benefits of Sensual Therapeutic Movements

Practice somatic therapeutic movements (gain it through physical practice instead of mental)
Commitment to show up in the community to connect and follow through with your commitment to embody your sensuality
Supportive container
Let me hold your hand and walk you through this embodying process for you to awaken the sensual side of yourself
The bodywork will help you to embrace your pleasure and embody ownership of your sensuality
Dance to feel good
Dance to touch your pleasure
Put your expression and creativity into movement
This is about making a commitment to yourself and your happiness
You are responsible for your body image and it will help you embody this new way of seeing yourself.

The Challenge (why do people need this):

You don’t know what you don’t know. You may be doing things unconsciously that you are not aware of. With guidance, you can make those adjustments.
Women tend to be self-conscious about their appearance, their age, etc. This is a safe space to practice.
It can be difficult to be motivated and stay committed by yourself. This provides a reason to show up, practice, and flood your body with happiness.
When watching courses and learning you don’t get the type of feedback from a live practice session. This gives you guidance from Patty.



Most objections will likely be about not being able to attend live or not having enough time…

Prioritize yourself, take an hour away for yourself. If you can’t, it will be recorded so you can watch it at your convenience!

Join me for a Sensual Therapeutic
Movements Session

My Sensual Therapeutic Movement session teaches you the collection of fluid actions that will help you fall in love with your body. 

Best of all, when you see yourself move this way, you’ll feel more desirable, connected, and alive!

No one cares whether you’re doing it right or wrong. It’s time to get out of your head and make a commitment to happiness through the way you move.

Join me for a live-guided somatic session to embody your sensuality through motion today.

Sensual Therapeutic Movement Session
Saturday, February 19, 2022
Time: 11am EST
(zoom link will be sent to you once you enroll)


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Love from the Students!

“He was waiting to meet me in the car park while the team was getting ready. All I had was body language! So I worked it, using what I had read and seen of your ideas so far. Anyway, the new man was captivated! Turns out he is quite a student of body language, but he still didn’t realize I was doing it on purpose. Cool. “

~ Sandy

“I’ve found this to be VERY helpful with my other relationships with my dads gf too”

~ Shell Fic

“Thanks for this series, Patty! I love your millimeter shifts and they make such a difference. Because of this series I’m now reminded more often of lifting my sternum while sitting and walking. I still go back to my normal (bad) posture a lot. But I remember more often to check myself. Looking forward to joining your course.”

~ Stefanie Lenz

“Thanks for getting me back into my body.”

~ Linda Rose Hart

“Patty, loved these past 5 days. The way you simply explained made it easy to begin embodying in daily life. Thank you!”

~ Chrissie Ford

“I’m behind, only on day 3 but loving the information! Working on my walk, I’m so used to always going fast and big strides so the inner thigh is challenging but It’s feeling better!”

~ Teri Lyn Fretz

“Patty good morning . I watched the back /elevating video . Was very interesting your reminder to activate our senses also to understand our audience and to adjust consequently. We are too much on our mind that we often time forgot to just watch. In this moment I m very focusing on the body language and the way to communicate with an audience to promote my Art. Are this topics amazing isn’t ? I ve no issue with confidence and connection with my inner power , and have naturally a huge sense of the Shakti energy yet it you adresses these topic on your course I m guessing to be part of. I liked the way you presented the videos. Thank you for this mini series .”

~ Laura Casini

“I am applying Appreciation at work with great results. People are so receptive and warm. I feel more feminine. I have to counsel people and using appreciation during counseling they open up more and are much more at ease.”

~ Cynthia Taylor

“Patty, I’ve been practicing walking into a room, grocery store , exercise class etc.. with my sternum lifted , inner thigh awareness and the look of confidence and I observe people definitely taking notice!”

~ Helene Israel Baum

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