Confidence Boosting Self Date Guide

A simple step by step guide that will leave you feeling courageous enough to go out on a ‘Self Date’ and learn first hand how easy (and exhilarating) it is to become approachable, feel charismatic and sexy!
It all starts with the mindset! Develop the kind of self confidence that turns heads with some great affirmation exercises.

Instant access to the Self Date guide – I’ll take you step by step on how to have a romantic relationship with YOU first. This generates a radiance that is irresistible to men!

Video demonstration of the most important step of the night (It’s pretty sensual and you will love it)

“I did it! I went on a date with myself. I was hesitant …But I am so happy I did because it was an amazing experience. I enjoyed my own company and my own thoughts. People were smiling at me… It was pretty exhilarating. I had all of the waiters asking me if I needed anything! When my young handsome waiter brought my bill he got close to myear and said in a low voice “you are truly beautiful!”. I was floating on a cloud, smiled and told him thank you.

Thank you for your support! You’re the best!”

Patricia D.

Courageous Self Date Graduate

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