Your Sensual Freebies!

Enjoy these GIFTS to help unlock your feminine power and rediscover your divine sensual essence!

Patty Contenta

Charisma Framework

Learn an easy-to-understand map of the 4 social virtues that any woman can use to amplify your charisma and attract quality relationships in all areas of your life.

Self Date Guide

Confidence Boosting Self Date Guide

A simple step by step guide that will leave you feeling courageous enough to go out on a ‘Self Date’ and learn first hand how easy (and exhilarating) it is to become approachable, feel charismatic and sexy!

Melt into Feminine

Melt into your Feminine

The secrets of unlocking your femininity and radiating sensual confidence. Learn how to turn heads wherever you go and never feel invisible again regardless of your age, shape or status.

If you watched the first video in this series, you know I wasn’t able to cover everything I wanted to cover, so in this video I’ll finish talking about strategies to inwardly melt.