Sensuality Secrets Workshop

Be Magnetic

Unleash the power of your sensuality and
feminine essence through the art of body language, dance and charisma!

Enjoy some pictures of the workshop where over 50 women experienced the benefits of expressing their feminine, flirtatious and sensual sides.

The beauty of like this event is when women gather together, there is an energy that vibrates in a room where you can feel the feminine support and you can ‘t stop yourself from feeling sexy!

If you are interested in having a flirtatious, fun and playful break during dinner at your event, party, or meeting…contact Patty for details on creating a memorable experience by clicking here.

Turn Heads Wherever You Go

You’ll learn:

  • Easily radiate a sexy confidence
  • How to quickly unlock your feminine essence
  • ‘Melt’ in a man’s presence to make you irresistible

Sensuality Secrets Program DVD Set

You’ll learn:

  • To create angles with your body to create attraction
  • The art of flirting and why it’s necessary
  • How to make the mundane a sensual stimuli
  • How to visually slow down music when you dance

Ultimate Confidence Booster

A guide that will leave you feeling courageous enough to go out on a fun ‘Self Date’ and learn first hand how exhilarating it is to become approachable, charismatic and sexy!