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Sensuality Secrets: How To Attract Your Lover Without Being Noticed’ contains a wealth of advice in 4 essential areas:

  1. Sensuality Secrets of Movement – Whether it’s “walking sultry” or “sitting sensually”, I show you how to communicate that ‘je ne sais quoi’ (that’s French for that special something you just can’t put your finger on).
  2. Sensuality Secrets of Appearance – You don’t have to be a conventional beauty to get the looks. From hair to heels, it’s not always about being impeccably put together. I reveal why (plus give you tips on how to look your best).
  3. Sensuality Secrets of Captivation – Putting him under your spell involves the command of your eyes, voice, facial expressions… and more. I explain it all.
  4. Sensuality Secrets of Self – It’s not all about him, you know! This section is exclusively for your pleasure… how to enjoy yourself and your life.

And, all of the tips, tricks and techniques I reveal are illustrated with more than 80 photos so you can easily follow along.

In a nutshell, my book helps you be the phenomenal woman you are. You’ll radiate sensuality wherever you are, in all that you do.

I am so excited for you! I can hardly wait to hear how ‘Sensuality Secrets: How To Attract Your Lover Without Being Noticed’ has changed your life.

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Patty Contenta
Ballroom Dance Champion and Sensuality Expert
And author of “Sensuality Secrets: How To Attract Your Lover Without Being Noticed”