Enhance Your Love Life and Give You the Romance and Passion You Deserve with Desirable & Deserving!

Life after betrayal.

My divorced left me feeling undesirable and unworthy of love.

Find out how I reclaimed my confidence and created a vibrant life of pleasure and sensuality by embracing my body and it’s connection to my spirit.
Discover the hidden secrets to attracting quality men by reviving your femininity.

about-pattyLet me ask you a question. If you are like most single women, you want to be desired by men. But in your heart you you really think trying to lose weight by jumping on the latest fad diets…Costly beauty treatments …Expensive clothes …

Do you truly think that is what men find attractive?

Why not?

Because deep down, you realize that men aren’t attracted to a woman’s beauty as much as they drawn to her SENSUALITY.

Its a fact. At some point in their lives, most men have had the unique experience of being obsessed with a woman who doesn’t necessarily fit the traditional concept of beauty. You have seen this in action right?

Instead, they are drawn to something more primal …

Something more natural …Something more instinctive …

And it has nothing to do with the way you look.

Tap into this type of natural feminine sensuality and you can attract any man you want!

I know because I have experienced this first-hand.

You see, about five years ago I made what turned out to be the most shocking and life-altering discovery of my life: My husband was having an affair!

Of course, I was not only angry and hurt, I was also devastated.

Newly divorced, all alone, and facing the uncertainty that I would ever be loved again, I decided to make some changes … on a very primal level.

But rather than starving myself with an even restrictive diet, knocking myself out at the gym every day, or spending a fortune on a new wardrobe and salon treatments, I decided to go a different route …

I decided to nurture my inner sensuality.

You see, as a professional ballroom dancer, I already understood that every woman is born with a natural femininity within herself that men find irresistible.The problem is that we tend to either suppress our feminine sensuality …Or bury it beneath all kinds of other distractions, such changing our look with hair and makeup, obsession with body image, making up excuses about why we are alone, and other nonsense.

The simple truth is that you already have what you need to be attractive to men …

You just have to let it loose!
I learned to express my feminine sensuality in the way I walk, the way I move, the way I dance, and the way I act around men …

And the difference was astonishing.

Now I can easily attract any man I want …Anytime and anywhere I please.

Best of all, it has nothing to do with the way I look, how much I weigh, or even the way I’m dressed.

Instead, it’s just my own natural femininity … combined with a few flirty tricks … and men are powerless to resist me!

And now you can discover these same secrets and experience the exact same results!

But First, I Want to be Upfront With You…

You see, I am sending out this invitation to you today to try to sell you my new book “Desirable and Deserving”, an incredible resource on how to unleash your femininity.

Yup! We I am not going to pull any punches and pretend like this page is something that it is not. We are not going to give you 10 pages of testimonials, or 40 reasons why you should join. Nothing like that…I don’t need to.

Why? This stuff really works (almost like magic). In fact, I am proud to write this out ask you to buy this one stop resource. ESPECIALLY for the price. I have put a ton of work into this project!

Desirable & Deserving is the result of years of self-discovery, interviewing other women, and participating in and leading countless workshops and seminars in cities all over the world.

You see, women everywhere share a common link: Their natural femininity and sensuality.

It’s hard-wired into who we are! (and easy to access)

I’ve combined everything I’ve learned about unleashing my own feminine sensuality and compiled it into a single, easy-to-read, 220-page book that gives you everything you need to transform your love life…

So you probably wondering….will this really work for me?

You bet! The concepts outlined in Desirable & Deserving have served as the roadmap for my workshop presentations, but now I have crafted it into a book form that any woman can use to attract any man she desires, focusing on four critical areas:

  • Secrets of Sensual Movement – How to turn heads and build desire simply by walking down the street or entering a room
  • Looking and Feeling Sexy – You don’t have to been a conventional beauty or even wear expensive clothes or an elaborate “look” to get the gaze of the man you want with these simple, revealing tips
  • Captivating Your Intended Target – Learn how to draw him in using only your eyes, the tone of your voice, your facial expressions, and other non-verbal cues that will make him lean in with desire
  • Unleashing Your Self-Confidence – Men are attracted to women who genuinely love themselves the way they are. You’ll learn how to enhance your self-esteem so you can draw men to you like moths on a flame

With Desirable & Deserving, you’ll learn the hidden secrets

that will enhance your love life and give you the romance and passion you deserve… regardless of your age, previous romantic experiences, or the way you look and feel about yourself right now!

The Top Lessons You Will Learn…

This book provides you with an advantage among men… and lets you express what your feminine heart desires.

Here you will find all the tips and techniques that I have been teaching to my workshop and seminar clients for years… all collected in one neat, easy-to-follow manual that anybody can use to change the course of their romantic destiny.

Filled with helpful illustrations, clear steps, and more than 80 photos, Desirable & Deserving will show you how to radiate sensuality so that you can face the world of dating and romance with confidence.

Some of the things you will learn include:

How to Make an Entrance

The steps you need to take before entering a room, walking down a street, or joining a party that will instantly make you more intriguing and attractive.


Steps to Relieving Tension and Building Confidence

9 simple warm-up exercises you can use to release tightness and learn to move more gracefully and confidently.

Breaking Down Barriers

Simple techniques you can use to make yourself more approachable to men so they will naturally want to get to know you better.

Putting Men at Ease

Small talk techniques that will make him feel as if he’s the most important person in the world to you… at least for the moment.

Sensual Body Movement

The most attractive way to sit, how to walk, and ways to interact with a man to sustain his interest in you as long as you want

Secrets to Imprinting Sensuality

Learn how to make a lasting impression on a man that will leaves him desperate to find out more about you.

Unleashing Your Natural Femininity

A 7-step checklist you can use to make men stand up and take notice of how naturally sexy, confident and attractive you are.

Attracting His Notice

3 ways to stand that will tell him, “I’m interested in you… now make your move!”

Making the Most of What God Gave You

How to play up your best assets to enhance your sex appeal, regardless of how you look, your body type, or how much you weigh.

Getting What You Want

Simple ways to “close the deal” … whether it’s getting him to ask for your phone number, invite you out, or anything else you desire.

Get ‘Desirable & Deserving’ Today at this Special Introductory Price and Commit to Improving Your Body Image!

As somebody who has rebuilt her life and reclaimed her sensuality and confidence despite the indignity of being cheated on …Let me assure you: I’m on your side!

My only goal is to help other women discover their natural femininity and learn how to use it to get the romance and desirability in their lives that they deserve.

That’s why I’m offering Desirable & Deserving for the
special introductory price of only $37

Just Listen to What These Women Are Saying

about the Way the Strategies Presented in ‘Desirable & Deserving’ Transformed Their Love Lives!

“I meant to write you last month. I was in New Jersey on business and spent an evening in New York City. Well, it just so happened I had been reading your book on the plan on my way to NJ a few days earlier. So as I proceeded to walk around downtown NY, your method on how a woman should walk in a sensual way (something about the thighs rubbing together!) was foremost on my mind.

This trip to the city was a new and unique experience for me. Suddenly, I had a fan club! Walking along, minding my own business, I had one shop owner walk out onto the sidewalk to comment on what a beautiful woman I was. One man said, under his breath, ‘Now that’s what I’m talking about!’ as he watched me walk away. I was making the most subtle changes to my normal walk, but the response was amazing. It was so much fun!

The walking techniques have changed the way I think of myself when I’m walking. Let me rephrase that: I think of my body now while I’m walking. I feel my body moving and I’m aware of it. Not like before, when I was just going from Point A to Point B and walking like a businessman on the run. Now it’s a feminine experience and it’s fun. Thank you for the book, Patty!”



I am so glad I found you on the Internet as I did not know how powerful one’s body language could be. When you described that woman who walks into the room and all eyes are on her, I thought to myself, ‘How can I be like this?’

I’ve always suffered from lack of confidence, but when I followed your tips – how to sit, stand and speak – it was like magic. I suddenly had men and women drawn to me, always complimenting me, even random strangers! I liked the attention, of course, but what I realized is that for the first time in my life I was proud to be ME and your program made me fall in love with myself again!

I am single but I do not beat myself up about it as I have not ret the right person for myself and I am willing to wait. In the meantime, I love exploring my femininity and sensuality. I am proud to be a woman and embracing everything about myself. You really changed my life and made me re-connect and tap into my feminine energy that I thought was non-existent in me. Sorry for the long message, but you really inspired me and I feel wonderful and grateful to be a passionate, sensual woman.”


- United Arab Emerates

Common Questions I Have Been Asked

Q: I weigh a little too much these days. Is there any hope for me or should I wait to lose a few pounds?

A: Nothing saddens me more when woman puts her life on hold because of her weight. The truth is, it’s not the weight that’s keeping love out of reach…it’s waiting for the weight to disappear until you love yourself, that’s the problem. This book will give you tools to enhance your body language and nurture your mindset. This combination of mind and body is the attractive! It will nurture your soul!

Q: I keep thinking of how old I am and that I am a grandmother. Am I not past my prime?

A: No way! As we age, the youthful shell might be slowly retiring but the youthful spirit must thrive! There’s a benefit to aging, you’ve acquired more life experiences, more depth…now you need to let the world see you so you can share your spirit with others! This is when my sensuality tips become even more essential to exude a feminine confidence while your body prepares for change.

Q: I’m too tired to make the effort. Is this going to be hard?

A: Listen…I get it. Women are tired of having one more thing to add to their to do list for the day. As a consequence of today’s pace, women do feel overwhelmed with responsibilities both professionally and personally. Women are often too hard on themselves because we are praised or feel worthy when we help others, yet ignore our needs to fuel our own energy.

Take a deep breath, and separate what is important for you. I believe putting yourself first is essential to generating positive feelings. The information in my book will be considered one of your rituals towards boosting your self-esteem…with every chapter and every exercise.

Q: What if I don't like it?

A: I will be sad. 🙁 But, I have great guarantee. If you read this book and apply some of these simple (and fun) strategies and you do not feel like you are making significant progress towards improving your body image in 30 days, I will refund your money. No questions asked. However, I’m certain you will LOVE this book and never consider asking for a refund 🙂

Compared to the cost of a gym membership,

a salon makeover, or a single month of a mail-order diet plan, that’s a small price to pay …Especially since Desirable & Deserving gives you the tools and skills you need to transform your love of self and attract the desire of the right man who sees you and recognizes your unique beauty!”

As somebody who has rebuilt her life and reclaimed her sensuality and confidence despite the indignity of being cheated on …Let me assure you: I’m on your side!

My only goal is to help other women discover their natural femininity and learn how to use it to get the romance and desirability in their lives that they deserve.

That’s why I’m offering Desirable & Deserving for the special introductory price of only $37

Now it’s Your Turn – What About You?

So what are you going to do? Listen, I understand what it’s like to be alone and to worry about whether you are always going to remain that way.

Can I make a suggestion?

Why not try my new book that gives you the keys to unlocking the future you’ve always imagined for yourself. Try it out, read it, do the exercises and practice the strategies…try it at least for a month. Is 30 days too much to ask? Perhaps in those 30 days you start to unlock a much different future…

One in which you get all the attention and adoration you deserve…

Where you can find romance, love and desire wherever you look for it…

A future in which you are the happy, confident center of attention…

And where you can finally CHOOSE a man, instead of settle for one!

Give me a “Yes” today and you will get instant access to the book and all its strategies that you can instantly use (even tonight). If you try it out and you don’t think you are making progress let me know and I am happy to refund your money.

That sounds fair, right?

You already have what it takes deep inside you.

Let Desirable & Deserving show you how to unlock your femininity, express your sensuality, and use it to attract the attention of any man you want.

You know you want this…

You feel as if you deserve it…

Now go ahead and get it!

That’s why I’m offering Desirable & Deserving for the special introductory price of only $37

“I have read your book and I love it. I have been putting into practice my new stances and love how I feel and the attention I receive. I feel much more confident and in touch with my femininity. Also, I love the new attention I have been receiving. Men have been opening doors for me and so many men and women have been saying ‘hi’ to me. All of this has opened doors for me in communicating.

“I love the new me and love what is happening. Thank you so much!”

Janice - Los Angeles, CA