Courses and Programs to Boost your Charisma, Confidence and Awaken Your Sensuality

Patty Contenta

Embrace Your Essence

Embrace Your Essence is the full footage of a 3 day event with Patty Contenta and 2 amazing speakers designed to help you discover your unique femininity so you can express your true feminine self with confidence and create the fulfilling life you desire.

Sensuality Secrets Program

What The Men Have To Say About It! A teleseminar series with 3 incredible men on the subject of sex, sensuality and more. Read up on these 3 wild guys, then join me for a cozy teleseminar with each of them where we steam up the phone lines and get the very best advice these boys have to offer!

Body-Image Breakthrough

The body has the capability to open us into an altered state that can penetrate the walls of reality. This kind of freedom of expression is where your divine feminine essence lives. May you awaken her and allow her radiance to shine!

Sensual Therapeutic Movement Sessions

Sensual Therapeutic Movement Sessions: Live weekly guided somatic sessions to embody your sensuality in sisterhood

Sensuality Secrets Programs

My only goal is to help other women discover their natural femininity and learn how to use it to get the romance and desirability in their lives that they deserve.