Sensuality Secrets

Get Noticed! Awaken the Ageless Divine Feminine Energy Within as You Embody the 4 Secrets of the Hypnotic Walk and Amplify your Charisma!

A body language and communication training for women of all ages, shapes and sizes to amplify your sensual appeal, boost your core confidence and captivate anyone.

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Sexy in Seconds Mini-Series

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Sexy in Seconds Mini-Series
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Inside this Transformational Video Mini-Series, you will discover:

  • The potent blend of attractiveness and presence that commands attention with an irresistible magnetic energy
  • How to radiate your inner and outer beauty with every step you take
  • The welcoming body language and appealing attitude that magnetically draws people towards you
  • How to exude an innate sensual confidence that will instantly boost your body-image and prompt self-love

Just Listen to What These Women Are Saying

"It truly is about transformation, about coming home to myself...A month ago I truly believed at 53, menopausal, a little overweight, that I was one of…"


"I always suffered from lack of confidence but when I followed your to sit , stand and speak was like magic..I suddenly had men and women drawn to me..always complimenting me ..even random strangers! I am proud to be a woman and embracing everything about myself. You really changed my life…"


"Just caught this on #replay. I have been taking copious notes and will be making all of this my new mantra! Thank you, Patty! ❤️"

Jane Gilmore

"I listen to sensuality and sexuality affirmations during my walk every morning. But with this awareness with my inner thighs I felt it went to the next level and my body was more flowing and tapping deeper into that mystery."

Peg Loop

"These techniques are really helping me to work with my body to express how I feel- get out of my head. Thank you. I love this. Listening to this makes me realize how much I'm in my male side."

Elizabeth Carol


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