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  • Be sure to check your inbox (and spam folder) for a confirmation email with details and password to access the membership site with the entire Body-Image Breakthrough Course.
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Be sure to check your inbox (and spam folder) for a confirmation email with details and password to access the membership site with the entire Body-Image Breakthrough Course. Look for [email protected] and be sure to add me to your contact list.

Our body is like an antenna, constantly sending and receiving messages and overseeing what’s being transmitted through our physical antenna is a direct gateway to body confidence and owning our pleasure.

When those constant shreds of self-doubt, like feeling frumpy, less desirable, or invisible, begin to seep into your mind it will be mirrored in the way you move.

This is why I created the Body-image Breakthrough for women to:

– be more accepting of their body
– stop the relentless self-judgment
– and create new brains pathways towards self-love.

You will effortlessly break the bonds of negativity with a feel-good, fun body program that transforms you into an irresistibly charismatic woman who attracts meaningful relationships in all areas of her life!

This 90-day program includes:

Module 1: Managing the Negativity Bias: Videos with 5 specific techniques on how to overcome self-doubt and re-frame the situation.

Module 2: Body Language Basics: 5 videos explaining all of the parts involved in body language, including flirting techniques that create an unforgettable impression.

Module 3: Body Love Practice: 9 videos to discover the sensual therapeutic movement practice that will awaken the divine feminine energy within you allowing you to release blockages held in your body to fully express your sensuality.

BONUS Video: Dr. Amir George Sabongui, an international speaker, clinical psychologist, and former senior Naval Officer who specializes in stress and burnout prevention, speaks about “The Science of Happiness”.

Body-Image Breakthrough Workbook and Overview: This workbook supports you in integrating the content as well as guiding you through clearing “gremlins” (negative self-talk).

12 Weeks of weekly Video Training: You’ll get a total of 20 pre-recorded videos delivered each week with fun content, tools and practices that facilitate your body-image breakthrough.

Access to Private Facebook Group: Interact with a loving supportive community of women who are experiencing personal transformations together. We encourage, uplift and empower one another to embrace our own unique charisma and beauty.

“We are not our age. We are our energy.”

If at any point you need help embodying some of the techniques and would like to work with me privately, email me at [email protected] to book a 30 min free consultation to determine how we could work together.

Finally, you can find me on several social media channels.

Patty Contenta

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