Energy and aliveness are the source of attractiveness! Part 1

by | Jul 30, 2021

Esther Perel, author of Mating in Captivity & sex therapist, states…

“Desire is the antidote to death, an internal death related to a loss of vitality for life.”

We can’t live without desire because that would mean that we live without hope, without curiosity and or inspiration. It’s a fundamental human experience that makes us feel alive.

The key to desire is using our imagination as a way into mystery, keeping us curious, creating anticipation which elicits a yearning for an outcome to happen. Once it does happen, relishing in every ounce of that experience increases our sense of aliveness.

So even though desire has a mental component, it’s never just in our heads. If I’m imagining the croissant that I going to having for breakfast and I have a particular place where I want to go get it, I’m already in a plot, a fantasy, a story that is energizing me. My body already has a different attitude just because I’m thinking about it. I’m smelling it, I’m tasting it, I’m already in the sensory, sensual experience of this croissant that isn’t even here yet. All this happening in the experience of desire.

Our mind can create entire experiences by the sheer power of our imagination, which is essential to preserving desire.

During the interview I shared a specific tip on how our body language can help us express our desirability.

Stay tuned and let your imagination run wild 😉


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