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what your_eyesYour eyes like high beams sending flirtatious messages about the confident woman that you are. Learn how many glances it takes to ensure an approach from a man and how to use your eyes to point out what men should look at. Their appreciation of you is in your control.

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Sensuality Secrets eBook

Sensuality Secrets eBook

You’ll learn:

  • Sensuality Secrets of Movement
  • Sensuality Secrets of Appearance
  • Sensuality Secrets of Captivation
  • Sensuality Secrets of Self

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Sexy In Seconds Program DVD Set

Sensuality Secrets DVD Set

You’ll learn:

  • To create angles with your body to create attraction
  • The art of flirting and why it’s necessary
  • How to make the mundane a sensual stimuli
  • How to visually slow down music when you dance

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