New Desirable and Deserving Book

New Desirable and Deserving Book

Everything You Need to Know about Building Your Self-Confidence, Becoming More Desirable, and Making Yourself Irresistible Is Now at Your Fingertips!


Self Date Guide - Ultimate Confidence Booster

Ultimate Confidence Booster

A guide that will leave you feeling courageous enough to go out on a fun 'Self Date' and learn first hand how exhilarating it is to become approachable, charismatic and sexy!


Free Video Series - Be Approachable

Be Approachable

Never feel invisible again. Learn how to quickly unlock your femininity and ooze sensual confidence and be absolutely radiant in front of any man.


Are you in charge of the messages you’re putting out there? Do you realize what your non-verbal messages are saying to others?

When you want to learn how to attract a man, remember your confidence is mirrored by the way you move and it makes no difference what size you are or how old you are, it matters how you FEEL, and the best way to show that off to the world is in the way you MOVE that beautiful body!

If you're longing to know how to attract men and to be an approachable woman that can turn heads and be visible, let me tell you - YOU CAN! In just a few seconds with Patty Contenta's flirting techniques for women you can adjust your body language to create an inviting environment that elevates your feminine energy.

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In My Sensuality
Newsletters You'll Learn:

  • How to make yourself more approachable so men will feel comfortable making the first move. (Think about it... It’s not easy for a man to start talking to a woman he doesn’t know.)
  • How to play up your MOST sensual body part for enhanced sex appeal. How to dress. Why you’re better off revealing less.
  • How to attract a man with your eyes. Not comfortable with direct eye contact? Try this neat trick and he won’t know the difference.
  • Why and HOW to touch yourself
  • Getting in touch with your purpose within a relationship
  • How to become the kind of woman that turns heads
  • And more sensuality secrets and flirting techniques for women...

“I must tell you though, that your "stuff" already helped me. I have been emailing and talking to a new man, and we had arranged to meet for the first time. I work for a high profile mens' rugby ...” - Sandy

“I always thought that in order to be successful in the business world, a woman needed to tap into her male energy – but not anymore! I started incorporating your 'sensuality secrets' every day, and I've seen a noticeable difference in the way men react to me. You have literally transformed the way I view and experience my femininity and I'll never be able to thank you enough for that, Patty.” - Candide

“I used to live in Las Vegas and at a very young age (under 21) I would go into the casinos and not be bothered. Why? Because I walked and acted like I belonged there. Body language says a lot about you... Act proud, a little sexy... and don't forget to smile. That's how I played blackjack in the casinos on the strip in Las Vegas at the tender age of 19... It comes down to being proud of who you are, using your body language correctly. It got me lots of dates and a husband who I have been married to going on 23 years. Love your newsletter! Keep them coming!” - Kim

“I wanted to let you know how much I have been enjoying reading your book. This book is already helping me feel more confident and sensual on and off the dance floor. As critical and judgmental as society can be about how we as woman should look and act, I believe all women could benefit tremendously from this book.” - Wendy

“Thanks so much for the great coaching, Patty... When you dance, people can't take their eyes off you. Your every movement is so natural, beautiful and meaningful. I admire you so much and respect you for the way you want to share your talent with us... I appreciate your working with me, and look forward to seeing you again.” - Patty

“I must tell you though, that your "stuff" already helped me.

I have been emailing and talking to a new man, and we had arranged to meet for the first time. I work for a high profile mens rugby team, and we were flying up to play near the new man so he was going to come to the game. The team was only there for the day, and of course we had pre-game preparation, the game, then we were to leave, so not much time to meet. AND of course, I have to wear the sponsor's clothing-oversize, mens shorts, t-shirt, runners, cap etc.

So I couldn't do anything with the outfit. Not even sexy underwear to make me feel better, because I have to wear a sports bra for all the running I do around the field.

  He was waiting to meet me in the carpark while the team was getting ready. All I had was the body language! So I worked it-used what I had read and seen of your ideas so far. Anyway, the new man was captivated! Turns out he is quite a student of body language, but he still didn't realize I was doing it on purpose. Cool.” - Sandy

“Hi Patty
Thanks for your email today. I read your materials on your site a few months back and I tried doing the 'walk' on my way out to do the grocery shopping. A couple of minutes after walking down the high street a man stopped his car and called out, 'I love the way you walk,' lol!
And by the way, you look really pretty and have such a genuine personality:)
I look forward to reading your ebook now!"
  Hugs,” - Mai x

“Thank you for being a lighthouse!
I just heard your interview and I was so inspired and I love the light that's just bursting out of you! Just listening I could feel my body language shift and open up. You truly allow women-- people to shine by shining yourself and I just want to thank you. I have had a Mini-Patty sitting on my shoulder all morning whispering in my ear and I can already see small changes.” - KiKi

“Thank you for being a lighthouse!
I hope you are well. I am so glad I found you on the internet as I did not know how powerful one's body language could be. When you described that woman who walks into the room and all eyes are on her..I thought to myself..How can I be like this? I always suffered from lack of confidence but when I followed your to sit , stand and speak was like magic..I suddenly had men and women drawn to me..always complimenting me ..even random strangers! I liked the attention of course..but what I realised is that for the first time in my life I was proud to be ME and your programme made me fall in love with myself again. I am single but I do not beat myself up about it as I have not met the right person for myself and I am willing to wait. In the mean time I love exploring my femininity and sensuality..I am proud to be a woman and embracing everything about myself. You reallly changed my life and made me re-connect and tap into my feminine energy that I thought was non existent within me.
Sorry for the long message but you really inspired me and I feel wonderful and grateful to be a passionate sensual woman.” - Sanah

"I've just got to share this with you, because your DVD's have quite literally changed my life!!

A month ago I truly believed at 53, menopausal, a little over weight, that I was one of those women of a 'certain age' who become invisible, and my confidence and self-esteem were not in a good place. Frankly I didn't know how to change myself, or my life and I was SO stuck and downhearted.

I came across your DVD clips on YouTube and started to play, and I mean really play with your ideas .... and something miraculous happened .... I began to find myself!! When you are open to learning the teacher will come.

Straight away I ordered your extraordinary DVD set and I began to practice, practice, practice. The mental and emotional changes I've experienced so far as I begin to connect with my body, my heart and my unique and glorious sensuality have given me a joy for life, a deep warmth and openness when talking to men (and not just men, everyone!). I've charmed the postman, my boss, and male colleagues who have ignored me for years now seek me out. I was even asked on a date by a tall dark handsome 22 year old guy!!

But this is so much more than being a superficial ego trip for me, it truly is about transformation, about coming home to myself. It's about not being afraid to be seen, whatever my age or size, because sensuality is the gift I've awoken in myself, and men are drawn to the light that shines from a woman who is in touch with herself ... they simply can't help it!

When I know how to truly understand my feminine sensuality I feel complete and can move forward in life with love, fun, playfulness and a healthy irreverence for all the 'games' we play as men and women. I feel confident to know my own mind, make decisions and find boundaries, and my mind has followed my body.

And I tell you, wonderful Patty, I'm only on DVD 2!!!!!!!!! I would be thrilled if you wanted to share some my my delight with other members, because I'm so happy I've started my sensual journey.

Love and gratitude to you
Sensually yours,"
- Karen